Sunday, June 12, 2011

Walk the Walk dont TALK the Walk because if you TALK the Walk you never actually WALK

So I have found an interesting point. If I talk about somthing that I am implementing within my daily life I have a lesser chance of actually doing it. Now if I say somthing like I talk to my mom and tell her I am going to do the dishes and clean my bathroom I will do it, but I dont talk about doing it I state  that I am going to do it. Lol. Everyone knows the old saying actions speak louder than words, so oviously there is inequality there. We do not stand equally with our words, therefor to live with real integrity we must live as our words equal to them. That way we can actually be trusted by ourselfs and others, once you trust yourself you can then trust others as yourself. An example of not living words would be if a smoker says "this is going to be my last pack of cigarettes, I am going to cut down and then quit" and then they just go out and buy another pack when they run out. So in that they have lost trust in themselfs and others because they did not actually live there words which makes there words meaningless. An example of living words would be saying " I am going to get all of my daily chores done" and then getting all of your daily chores done. Or "this is my last cigarette, after this no more", that is a statement of mine I have stood by and am living those words every day. That was my first youtube video it was called "last cigarette first vlog.". It has been more than 2 months since I had made that decision and am glad I made it. That was were I started off, and is interesting because that is considered to be a 'big' decision but I was able to stop through self honesty, self forgiveness.

                      So if one is equal to there words one becomes the living word! Lazyness.... this has been an interesting point for me and has been somthing that is always that thing in the background for me, the choice to be lazy. But I realize now that when one is lazy one is just putting off the inevitable, for example doing the dishes. "I will just do the dishes later" Why later? Why not now? "I just dont FEEL like it right now" are you going to feel  like it later? lol. So its just putting off the inevitable and actually can accumulate resistance to the point you are being lazy towards. So best to face shit head on and get it done, this is what I have found to be most effective. So Walk the WALK! and if you talk make sure you walk that talk and dont just talk talk just so you can put off the inevitable.

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